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Container Enabled Chisels

Note: this content is mirrored from the sysdig github repository. Please go there to edit or contribute to the sysdig wiki.

sysdig now supporting Docker, LXC, and libvirt-lxc containers and the following chisels have been added or modified to enable their support.


  • sudo sysdig -cl # -cl, --list-chisels lists the available chisels
  • sudo sysdig -i lscontainers # -i chiselname, --chisel-info chiselname list chisel's details
  • sudo sysdig -c lscontainers
  • sudo sysdig -pc -c topprocs_cpu
  • sudo sysdig -pcontainer -c topprocs_cpu

New Container Specific Chisels

  • lscontainers: List the running containers.
  • topcontainers_cpu: Top containers by CPU usage.
  • topcontainers_error: Top containers by number of errors.
  • topcontainers_file: Top containers by R+W disk bytes.
  • topcontainers_net: Top containers by network I/O.

Updated Chisels Supporting Containers

Specifically this means each one of these are container aware with either the -pc or -pcontainer sysdig option flag.

  • echo_fds: Print the data read and written by processes.
  • fileslower: Trace slow file I/O.
  • list_login_shells: List the login shell IDs.
  • netlower: Trace slow network I/0.
  • proc_exec_time: Show process execution time.
  • scallslower: Trace slow syscalls.
  • spy_logs: Echo any write made by any process to a log file.
  • spy_syslog: Print every message written to syslog.
  • spy_users: Display interactive user activity.
  • stderr: Print stderr of processes.
  • topconns: Top network connections by total bytes.
  • topfiles_bytes: Top files by R+W bytes.
  • topfiles_errors: Top files by number of errors.
  • topfiles_time: Top files by time.
  • topports_server: Top TCP/UDP server ports by R+W bytes.
  • topprocs_cpu: Top processes by CPU usage.
  • topprocs_errors: Top processes by number of errors.
  • topprocs_file: Top processes by R+W disk bytes.
  • topprocs_net: Top processes by network I/O.
  • topscalls: Top system calls by number of calls.
  • topscalls_time: Top system calls by time.

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Container-Native Monitoring

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