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Container troubleshooting + visibility with Sysdig opensource in 15min!
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Sysdig captures system calls and events from the Linux kernel.
You can save, filter, and analyze the data with our CLI or our desktop app.
Think of sysdig as strace + tcpdump + htop + iftop + lsof + wireshark for your entire system.

A quick preview of Sysdig's new interactive UI
Sysdig Inspect

Sysdig Inspect

...and a little taste of what Sysdig can do from the command line

Dump system activity to file, so that sysdig can be used to process it later.
sudo sysdig -w trace.scap
View the top network connections for a single container.
sudo sysdig -pc -c topconns
See the files where apache spends the most
time doing I/O.
sudo sysdig -c topfiles_time
Show all the interactive commands executed inside a given container.
sudo sysdig -pc -c spy_users
Show every time a file is opened under /etc.
sudo sysdig evt.type=open and contains /etc
  • “Sysdig is a pretty awesome tool for debugging pretty much anything.”

    DevOps Weekly
  • “Say goodbye to top, lsof, strace,iostat, ps, etc - I use one tool now: sysdig.”

    Luca Deri
    Founder, ntop
  • “Sysdig is amazing. Detailed,system-wide tracing that’s actually stable,low overhead, and easy to use.”

    Grzegorz Nosek
    Chief Tinkering Officer, MegiTeam
  • “Sysdig is powerful, yet intuitive; you just jump in and go.”

    Ben Cane
  • “Sysdig is developing intoa serious swiss army knife,and you should give it a try.”

    Lukas Pustina
    Performance Engineer, codecentric
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