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Monitoring. Reinvented.

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Sysdig is open source, system-level exploration: capture system state and activity from a running Linux instance, then save, filter and analyze. Think of it as strace + tcpdump + lsof + awesome sauce.
With a little Lua cherry on top.

A little taste of what sysdig can do:

Dump system activity to file, so that sysdig can be used to process it later.
sysdig -w trace.scap
Print process name and connection details for each incoming connection not served by apache.
sysdig -p "" "evt.type=accept and!=httpd"
See the files where apache spends the most
time doing I/O.
sysdig -c topfiles_time
Show the network data that apache exchanged with
sysdig -A -c echo_fds fd.sip= and
Show every time a file is opened under /etc.
sysdig evt.type=open and contains /etc
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Sysdig was born from our own team's constant frustration. System level troubleshooting is just way more of a pain than it should be — especially in distributed, virtualized, and cloud-based environments. So we took the lessons we learned while helping build network monitoring tools like WinPCap and Wireshark and created a new kind of system troubleshooting tool for Linux.

Crazy Powerful

Sysdig gives you instant access to a treasure trove of data buried within your system. Rich and natural filtering and scripting make the data actionable and help you get the job done.

Easy to Use

For pragmatic people, by pragmatic people. Sysdig will make you more productive in seconds.


VMs get killed or just disappear. Collect the useful info in a trace and you can figure out what happened. Sysdig is designed for that.

Fast and stable

Sysdig is built to run in production. By running as little code as possible in the kernel, sysdig minimizes performance overhead and the risk of crashes.

Fits to Your Workflow

Not the other way around. Watch system activity in real time, or do a trace dump and analyze later.


Sysdig can be extended with Lua scripts that we call chisels.The ever growing chisel collection covers tons of troubleshooting, monitoring and security cases.
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  • “Sysdig is a pretty awesome tool for debugging pretty much anything.”

    DevOps Weekly
  • “Say goodbye to top, lsof, strace,iostat, ps, etc - I use one tool now: sysdig.”

    Luca Deri
    Founder, ntop
  • “Sysdig is amazing. Detailed,system-wide tracing that’s actually stable,low overhead, and easy to use.”

    Grzegorz Nosek
    Chief Tinkering Officer, MegiTeam
  • “Sysdig is powerful, yet intuitive; you just jump in and go.”

    Ben Cane
  • “Sysdig is developing intoa serious swiss army knife,and you should give it a try.”

    Lukas Pustina
    Performance Engineer, codecentric